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How to Find the Best SIM Only Unlimited Data Deals

If you’ve just purchased a new phone or you are looking for an upgrade to your plan There are many different unlimited data deals that you can avail of. Which are the most effective? We’ve done the study to find the top deals for you.


EE offers a variety of EE SIM only unlimited data plans. The deals are available from one gigabyte to a full year of data and are available in 24-month or 12-month contracts. Some deals are free gifts for customers who sign up.

EE also offers a array of smart benefits, including free Apple Music and data-free video streaming. BT Sport is also included in the unlimited data EE SIM.

While some of these EE SIM only deals are only available for new customers, others allow existing customers to save money on certain iPhone models. Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 can also be discounted. EE also offers discounts for other tablets. An iPhone 13 can be purchased for PS58 per month, and an iPhone XS Max can be purchased for PS576.

While EE offers a wide variety of SIM-only plans, there are certain plans that are superior to the others. The iPhone 13 is the cheapest sim only unlimited data phone on the EE network, and the Google Pixel 6a offers up to PS432 – which is quite a bit of data for the price.

However EE’s Unlimited Data plans aren’t the most affordable. A typical EE SIM-only plan allows for 50GB of data. This is enough for the majority of people. However exceeding this limit may result in extra charges.

EE also offers a reasonable roaming option, which means you can enjoy data and talk throughout Europe. If you need to make calls while traveling you can make calls using Wi-Fi. This improves call quality if you’re not receiving signals.

Virgin Mobile

A SIM only unlimited data deal is a good way to save money on your mobile data plan. With Virgin Mobile you can talk on the phone, or browse the internet without running out of data. You’ll also get unlimited data for messaging, photographs, and access to 3.5M Wi-Fi hotspots.

The most appealing aspect of Virgin Mobile’s SIM only unlimited data giffgaff data deal is that it’s not tied to the monthly contract for mobiles. You can change your mobile number at any time by using the Freestyle plan.

Virgin’s superfast internet will also be accessible to you. And, if you’re already a broadband or TV subscriber you’ll receive a family discount. The plan is also available on select smartphones.

Virgin Mobile SIM only unlimited data is available on both 12-month and 24-month contracts. You can also add SIMs to your account. You’ll need to provide your bank details as well as a credit check.

Virgin Mobile is also well-known for its phone insurance. You can have your phone insured for a cost in the event of a burglary. You’ll also be eligible for an earlier upgrade of your phone.

Virgin Mobile offers three types of SIM cards for smartphones including the standard SIM, micro SIM and nano sim deals unlimited data. They also offer all three sizes in one pack. You can also convert your SIM card to one of the standard.

iD Mobile

iD Mobile SIM Only deals offer great value for money. These SIM Only deals include unlimited data, calls, and texts. They also offer free roaming internationally.

iD Mobile SIMs are used on a variety devices including the most current handsets from Apple and Samsung. They also come with a wide selection of additional features. These include free Wi Fi calls, data rollover, and bill capping.

iD Mobile offers comprehensive 4G coverage throughout the UK. It provides unlimited data lebara data plans and super fast 5G on handsets that are 5G-ready. It makes use of Three’s extensive network to provide solid coverage, and also offers a variety of affordable options.

You can also get international roaming free for 50 European countries. Customers can also tether their phones to a different device. Tethering turns the phone into an mobile hotspot that lets users connect to the internet no matter where they are. iD Mobile warns users to keep their data allowances in check when using their mobile phone for roaming.

SIM-only deals not only allow you to save money but also allow you to be flexible. These deals are great for those who aren’t certain what phone or contract they’d like. They also provide an excellent opportunity to test the new plan before signing up for an entirely new contract.

iD Mobile SIM Only Deals are available in 300 UK Cities. You can choose from three sizes and receive unlimited data. Additionally, you can get free international roaming when you frequently travel.

Lyca Mobile

In addition to a top network, Lyca Mobile offers a variety of sim-only deals. These plans are great for those who don’t require unlimited data, but still need the convenience of a prepaid plan. These plans can be customized to your specific needs with different allowances and features.

Lyca Mobile plans start at between $19 and $50 per month. There are numerous plans that provide unlimited calling minutes as well as international calls texts, data, and more. Some of the plans let you make international calls for free. You can also add a new line to your account free of charge. The plans include the fair usage limit of 150GB per month.

Lyca Mobile has a higher number and more international minutes than other networks. To make the most of your plan, you can use the extra minutes for international calls. You can also make calls to certain countries for an unbeatable $0.01 per minute. This can be a great value for money.

Lyca Mobile also offers Pay As You Go Plans. You can select plans that range from 15p per minute to 23p per minute. You can also choose to pay per minute for text messages. For text messages, you’ll pay $0.12 per message.

Lyca Mobile’s network was built on the O2 infrastructure. It allows roaming to 41 countries around the globe. Lyca Mobile customers can also be contacted at no cost.


If you are interested in a SIM only deal with Smarty can help you save money on your monthly bill. Smarty offers cheap Flexible, flexible and rolling 30-day contracts, and a variety of data allowances.

The Smarty mobile package includes a month’s worth of free minutes and texts, plus unlimited data. The contract can be financed by credit card, so there is no need to worry. If you decide you do not want to use the service, unlimited data Lebara you can cancel at any time.

SMARTY’s SIM only offers are available in numerous locations. Online ordering is available for SIM cards. You will be provided with an interim number so you can test the service. Alternately, you can transfer your number from another provider to SMARTY.

This SIM-only deal has the best benefit: there are no restrictions in the UK. You get a month’s worth of free minutes, as well as unlimited data, as well as super-fast 5G data. You also get EU roaming. You can also make use of WiFi Calling to improve your call quality. If you’d like to use WiFi Calling, simply turn it on in the settings of your phone.

You’ll also get 12GB of superfast 5G data every month with this SIM-only offer. This allows you to connect to the internet wherever you go. You can add more data to your SIM card by purchasing an additional credit that won’t expire.

SMARTY does not come with hidden download caps, as do other SIM-only plans. You also receive unlimited UK calls and texts, and EU roaming.

Asda Mobile

Utilizing a mobile phone may be expensive, but with Asda Mobile you can enjoy low-cost and flexible SIM only deals. They are available in a variety of packages, including one month rolling deals, pay-as you-go plans, and bundles.

Bundles include an SIM and text messages, data, minutes and data. You can also add mid-month boosts to increase your usage. You can choose from unlimited data plans, 5G-ready plans and pay-as-you-go plans, based on your needs.

Asda Mobile offers three unlimited data packages. Each plan offers a distinct download speed. The cheapest plan comes with a maximum speed of 2Mbps, whereas the most expensive unlimited data plan offers up to 150Mbps.

The Asda Mobile SIM only deals also offer unlimited calls within the UK and across Europe. The app can be used to monitor your usage and manage payments. You can also set a spending limit that limits the amount you spend above your allowance.

If you’re a casual user, you can opt for an Pay As You Go plan, which is a great way to save money on your monthly bills. Pay As You Go plans can be managed easily and are ideal for people who need more flexibility.

Asda Mobile also offers multi SIM bundles that include a standard SIM as well as micro SIM and micro sim with unlimited data. The bundles offer free roaming within 36 European countries. You can also avail of their Payback program, which pays customers 10p per every megabyte of data they use.

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