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Choosing Electric Fire Surround Suites

There are many options available when it comes down to selecting an electric fire surround suite. These include Flamerite and Elgin & Hall as well as Pureglow and Whitton. Selecting the best surround is an important aspect of any fireplace renovation. These options offer a variety of features that will complement the decor.


Pureglow electric fire surround suites can be used in modern and traditional living rooms alike. Explore the showroom for the products to see contemporary and traditional fireplaces with gel fuel and all the accessories that can be used in conjunction with them. A fireplace is the focal point of any room. With a range of options to suit any budget as well as the Pureglow electric fire surround can provide the perfect finishing finish.

PureGlow electric fireplaces have been producing high quality products for more than 60 years. Their showroom of the Courts Collection, features a range of stunning handcrafted items. The company offers a selection of products to suit any interior, from contemporary to classic styles. Think about the style and design of your surround before you decide on a fire surround.

Pureglow’s fire surrounds are available in a variety of dimensions and styles. Pureglow electric suites don’t come fully assembled, in contrast to other electric fireplaces. There are many parts that must be assembled. The delivery service is not available for deliveries to kerbside locations. The fireplace surrounds are constructed of MDF and are available with painted or wood effect veneer.


With a wide selection of wall mounted and freestanding options, you’ll be able to find the Flamerite electric fire that is ideal for your home. Flamerite fireplaces come in various styles such as traditional stone or cast effects, modern LED electric flame effects and traditional fireplace mantels. Many of the Flamerite fireplaces can be placed flush against a flat wall to create an amazing focal point.

Flamerite is a leader in the field of electric fire technology. They have recently introduced a range electric fires that come with app control. The fires are available in frames, or you can choose to have either a silver or brass trim. Whatever you decide to choose you’ll be certain that it will look beautiful in any room in your home.

Flamerite electric fireplaces are a design guru’s dream. They will be a centerpiece in your home. They feature state-of-the-art flame pictures, a stylish frame, and an elegant and modern look. The Flamerite range includes freestanding fires, inset hang on the wall fires, and holes for wall-mounted fires.

You can pick from various styles, and they are easy to set up. They are easy to install against a wall and be easily connected to provide instant atmosphere.

Elgin & Hall

Elgin & Hall offers a variety of electric fire surround suites in a variety styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Select from the Arana 50 fireplace suite in white with ash, or the Aurelia 50” fireplace suite in anthracite with a painted finish. Both feature a chic style that is reminiscent of a traditional style. Camino wall-mounted fireplaces are also available in stunning designs.

Elgin & Hall electric fireplace surrounds come in a variety of sizes that include wall-mount and wall-mounted. Elgin & Hall fireplaces are made with the finest materials in Britain. The brand recently introduced two new ranges of electric suites fireplaces fires, and continues to improve its designs using the most recent technology. Elgin & Hall is still the top choice for fire suite electric suites electric British fireplace manufacturing due to its new-found focus on the future.

Elgin & Hall also produces Arteon electric fires. The fires can be put up as an one-sided, two-sided or three-sided fireplace. Both come with authentic fuel bed and glowing ember effects. There are 13 color options for LEDs Five brightness levels, and three flame colors.

Elgin & Hall electric fire surrounds are available in manila and marble finishes. You can pick either manila or marble surrounds which can be mounted against the wall with a flat. The power supply of 13 amps is all you need to make the installation simple. The electric fires are fitted with fashionable slim hearths bevelled in white electric fire suites or manila.

Pureglow Whitton

A pureglow fire surround suite is a great way to create a stunning focal point in your home. The fireplace is available in different finishes and comes with a variety options. The Pureglow Whitton surround can be purchased in natural oak finishes. The Media Illusion electric fire suite fireplace can be purchased in a variety of finishes such as Antique Brass, Black, or Chrome. The sleek lines and contrasting materials in a pureglow fireplace surround will look great in any home, whether you have a traditional or modern interior.

The Pureglow Whitton oak-finished fireplace is a modern design with straight lines and contemporary lines. It also features under-mantel downlights with long-lasting LEDs that are mercury-free, energy efficient and last for a long time. LEDs also give a clear, flicker-free light.

Pureglow Illusion

The Pureglow Illusion fire surround suite is available in a variety of finishes and styles. The modern and chic design is complemented by polished brass and silver trims. This versatile electric fire is perfect for modern-day rooms and can be installed as an inset or Electric Fire Surround Suites surround. This unit requires a standard cutout on the back of your wall and a depth of 75mm (3 ”).).

This electric fires suites fire from Pureglow includes an elegantly crafted fascia with a beautiful Passion Flower detail, and can be used with an old-fashioned or contemporary fireplace. It also comes with an energy-efficient LED flame effect. It is also possible to select the optional Annabelle fire should you prefer a wood burning fire. Pureglow’s Kingsford fireplace is stunning and features a Sepol Limestone mantel with a 48″ length and a beautiful chest feature.

Pureglow Media gas fireplaces are available as well as the illusion-effect Pureglow. It is available in a variety of sizes and can be used with any flue. Pureglow Media has a 3.8kW heat output and pebble fuel effects. It is also available with LED technology for an energy-efficient alternative to coal-burning fireplaces.

Pureglow Ennio

PureGlow offers a variety of fireplace options to suit your living space. They include a surround back panel, hearth and back panel. You can choose traditional designs or go modern with the latest designs and all pieces are compatible with any of the PureGlow gas fires.

Pureglow electric fireplace surrounds are available in various sizes and colors. They also come with all the accessories. Pureglow’s fire surrounds are made from MDF and are available in a range of finishes. They include stone effect painted or wood effect finishes. There is also an electric fireplace that is bit more modern, the Flamerite Fire. This fireplace is perfect for people who have a modern home.

Flamerite fires come in a wide range of sizes and finishes and their appearance is appealing. With hidden heaters, multifunction remote controls, and a variety of heat settings, this range is an excellent choice for any home setting. Flamerite fires can be ordered with a range of decorative metal and glass finishes.

Pureglow Ennio electric fire suites can be wall mounted or plinthed. Flamerite Luma LED wall mounted electric fire is another alternative. The Luma 900 and Luma 1200 electric fireplace surround suites come in two sizes.

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