What is Electric Suites Fireplaces and how Does It Work?

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There are many options to choose from if you’re looking to install an electric fireplace in your home. There are many models and brands to pick from. Some of the top brands include Dimplex Bexington LE, Flamerite Manhattan, Dimplex Chadwick, Banyo, and Banshee. These brands are known for creating exquisite, elegant, and high-quality products that work with any style.

Dimplex Bexington LE

If you’re looking to add an elegant and modern feature to your home The Dimplex Bexington LE freestanding electric fireplace suite is a great option. This suite comes with a fire and surround with integrated the Optiflame technology that can increase fire life. You can also regulate the temperature with the fan heater, which is able to operate at either 1 or 2 kW.

Dimplex is dedicated to providing the best electric heating and fireplace technology. Its brand is based on four principles of excellence that include innovation, customer service and design. Glen Dimplex Group is the largest manufacturer in the world of electrical and fire heating systems. The company’s engineering and R&D teams regularly deliver groundbreaking innovations and design solutions that create a change in the industry.

Flamerite Manhattan

Flamerite’s elegant, versatile floor-standing electric fireplace suite is stylish and well-designed. The Manhattan is available both in smooth and texture-based finishes. It also has a multi-function remote control that includes a dimmer and the manual override control panel. It can be operated by hand or via an intuitive app.

Flamerite is a British manufacturer of electric fires, boasts more than 30 years of experience. Their contemporary electric fires are appreciated by both interior designers as well as sophisticated customers. You’ll get the best deal with their price match guarantee. If you’re considering buying a Flamerite electric fire, remember that Nexus Showroom is offering a price-match guarantee to ensure that you’re assured that you’ll get the best price.

The Manhattan electric fire suite includes the ability to control the flame remotely, and comes with a realistic Cinderwood log effect. It also comes with a slimline trim in silver or brass. It’s guaranteed to work for a full year after you purchase it. You can always contact the manufacturer should you have any concerns about the installation.

There are many options for wall-mounted and electric fire suites freestanding fireplaces. These products can transform any room and create an impressive focal point. They feature award-winning technologies including visual flame, realistic log & embers, and glass pebbles.

Dimplex Chadwick

The freestanding suite features an integrated Optiflame fire , as well as log fuel effect. It has a beautiful stone-effect surround that can be controlled thermostatically to provide the proper heat output. The suite also comes with an remote control for easy operation. The inset fire has an effect of log fuel and the top fire ejects heat.

The Chadwick freestanding electric suite is a sleek design that does not require any complicated installation. It can be connected and ready assembled electric fire suites to use within a matter of minutes. This product is powered by Dimplex’s proprietary Optiflame technology which utilizes LED lights to create an authentic log effect. It is available in three different themes of colour and is operated by remote control or manual controls.

The Dimplex Chadwick electric freestanding fire place is approved by BEAB. It comes with a BEAB approved Optiflame fire. Its unique design gives a realistic glow all year long. Optiflame is one of the world’s most popular electric flame effect that is found in a vast range of Dimplex fires.

The Dimplex Chadwick electric log burner suite fire pit is a premium product that comes with an effect of logs burning as well as a realistic flame effect. Its 1500 Watt power output ensures it can provide plenty of heat and its thermostat keeps an eye on the temperature. The remote control is part of this suite to allow you to adjust the temperature setting.


The Banyo freestanding electrical fire suite is a small freestanding suite that can be used as an electric fireplace. It has a stone effect surround with real log flame effects and a freestanding electric fire. This suite is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for an alternative to a fireplace, without the hassle of constructing an chimney. The fireplace comes with two different heat settings, electric fires suites each of which will provide sufficient warmth for your requirements. The temperature of the fire can be set to any temperature between 16 and 30 degrees Celsius. The suite is simple to install and doesn’t require assembly.

There are six options available for electric fireplaces. Take into consideration your personal preferences and where you’re planning to set it. Many electric fires replicate the appearance and feel of a traditional wood-burning stove but without the hassle of chimney maintenance or wood deliveries. They’re also freestanding, allowing you to easily move them around your home. There are suites with a complete surround and white electric fire suites different designs. Some suites let you place the electric fire against the wall for a quick fireplace.

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